Prince Edward IslandHere are some common water problems that occur in PEI, and the water treatment systems we can provide to fix them.

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Hard Water

Hard water causes plumbing problems as well as unsightly buildup on glassware. Caused by calcium and magnesium, these minerals react for form soap curd and hardware scale.

Solution: Water Softening

  • Prevent costly scale build-up in pipes, faucets & showerheads
  • Avoid premature failure of water heaters & other water using appliances
  • Lower water heating costs
  • Cleaner dishes

We can conduct In Home Water Testing for hardness free of charge!

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Nitrates are a concern in PEI ground water. Many areas have elevated levels that are approaching or above the Maximum Acceptable Concentration of 10 mg/L.

Solution: Reverse Osmosis

  • Nitrates are easily handled by reverse osmosis systems
  • If you are concerned about nitrates in your water, let us help! Contact us today!

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woman filling a glass with waterColiform and E.coli can be present in wells and household plumbing. Contamination can occur from improper well head handling, off-site changes to aquifer or high run-off events that infiltrate your water supply. Bacteria can buildup in plumbing and over time make you and your family sick!

Solutions: Bacteria are easily controlled through UV light Sterilization, or injection of chemical cleanser such as chlorine or hydrogen peroxide based cleaners.

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Chlorine from municipal water sources is unpleasant! In addition to the tastes and odors, it is hard on plumbing, rubber seals and has been shown to have effects on health.

Solution: Carbon Filters

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Other Water Problems

  • Many other minerals such as iron, sulfur and manganese can show up in your water. If you are concerned about these, contact us to discuss how they may be impacting your home and family and our effective solutions to them.


Water Treatment Solutions

Water Softeners

  • Use ion exchange to remove calcium and magnesium from your water and to make your water soft. They can also treat low levels of iron and magnesium.  Cost effective, and reliable, our NOVO softeners will pay for themselves many times over with the lowest cost of ownership in the market in addition to the savings in plumbing maintenance, water heating and soap savings!

Water Softener North Shore Water Treatment

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Reverse Osmosis equipment North Shore Water TreatmentReverse Osmosis

  • Removes nitrates, pesticide residuals, chlorine, sodium, and other contaminates from your water. Available in whole house or under the counter solutions.

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UV Filter North Shore Water TreatmentUV Light Disinfection

  • Sterilizes and kills 99.9% of bacteria when properly sized and maintained!

Contact us for information.

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Whole House Filter North Shore Water TreatmentCarbon Filters

  • Removes unpleasant odors as well as chlorine, chloramine and other contaminates.

If you are on municipal water and are fed up with chlorine damage and tastes and want more information on how carbon filters could benefit you, let us know!

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chemical injection pump North Shore Water TreatmentChemical Injection

  • If you need this form of treatment, we are more than able to configure your plumbing to have chlorine or hydrogen peroxide products injected into your water lines. While this is often uncommon, we are more than capable of assessing your needs.
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Other Water Treatments

  • Being a distributor for NOVO Water Conditioning products we have access to treatment options for many other water quality issues that you may experience. Contact us if you are or believe you may have an issue for a consultation and water analysis.
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